Story Behind The Shoot – Skullkin

I know, I know, most everybody thinks I’m just the “Americana” guy; produce rootsy, bluegrassy, country-type videos, etc. Happy HALLOWEEN! This one’s pretty priceless. Marketing meeting at Gibson HQ with the director’s team once again trying to comprehend orders. The mission: SELL THE BFG GUITAR! How do we do that […]


Story Behind The Shoot – Johnny Jones

A year ago today Johnny passed away, largely forgotten I’m afraid to say by many. My memories of Johnny are some of my favorites. In Memphis, I shot an interview at the Gibson ES factory location; same place I shot Scotty Moore and Travis Wammack interviews. Johnny was larger than […]


Story Behind The Shoot – Clint Walsh of Gnarls Barkley

This one was shot with our regular Gibson video team; myself producing & shooting, Nate Shuppert shooting & editing and Grant Johnson on audio. 2 cameras; Panasonic HVX-200, and location audio at our “studio” space the former Baldwin Showroom in Nashville. The studio consisted of a giant warehouse facility that […]


Story Behind The Shoot – Duane Eddy

Duane Eddy “The King of Twang”. Duane is a legend for his reverb drenched, whammy-bar wacked low end twang. Another amazing day shooting at his producer’s small project studio. This was a typical Gibson shoot with our 3 man crew (myself shooting an HVX-200, Nate Shuppert on 2nd HVX-200 and […]


Story Behind The Shoot – Scotty Moore

This project took place in Memphis in 2006. Scotty met us with his ES-295 that he had just “borrowed” for the occasion from the Rockabilly Hall Of Fame next door to the Gibson Memphis factory right off Beale Street where this took place. Apparently Scotty can borrow his guitar from […]