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I’m Jon Grimson. Most people know me from my “Americana” music related activities. That has led me on a path of new media content production, starting with producing syndicated radio programming, which led to video production, all in the music/entertainment space. Below are some career highlights.


  • AAS degree in Commercial Graphic Arts at Rochester Institute of Technology.
  • Warner/Reprise Records – Progressive Music – Marketing & Promotion. Responsible for AAA, Jazz, public-radio formats.
  • Created and trademarked “Americana” as a music chart and format brand. Primary brand strategist and architect responsible for building genre.
  • Premier “Americana” record/radio marketing company.
  • Produced and developed “This Week in AMERICANA” syndicated radio program.
  • Founding board member of the Americana Music Association.
  • Created HD video/audio production facility for Gibson Guitar Corp. as Director Marketing/Video production and supervised all projects across brand family.


I am primarily a Director of Photography, producing corporate/agency commissioned video for broadcast, marketing and web. I produce, direct, shoot and edit and usually produce it all from A to Z. Although I rent the proper cameras and lenses most appropriate to each project, my own camera package is a Sony PXW-FS7, a multi-format/codec 4K camera system fully capable of all types of broadcast work.

I also shoot digital still photography commercially on a Canon 5d Mark III. And for personal work, I shoot analog film on a collection of vintage cameras, my favorite being a 1939 Rolleiflex Automat I, one of the greatest, sharpest cameras to this day!

These days, anybody can afford the digital tools and try and make videos on a GoPro, but it takes the ability, experience, production values and expertise to tell stories in a compelling, concise and convincing way that separates the amateurs from the pros. Let me help you tell YOUR story!

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