Bare Bare Jr

This shoot was a lot of fun! The day began at Bobby’s house in his studio. We had much to accomplish in the time allotted; shooting this music video, plus a long interview session with Bobby and his legendary dad, Bobby Bare Sr.

I was shooting Canon 7d, the 2nd camera has HVX-200 fitted with a Redrock lens adapter and 35mm lenses; can’t remember lenses we used but I think it was a mix of Canon and Nikon glass. Kevin Eslinger, a talented director/shooter was shooting alongside me.

“Daddy What If” was a big hit for both Bobbys many years ago. Take a look at the original here:

Bare Jr. had re-recorded a version for the “Twistable, Turnable Man – Tribute To Shel Silverstein” album and on the new version his daughter Bella actually sang the duet with Bobby. That was our original plan too on our shoot day, however Bella was not too thrilled to perform with lights and cameras. We tried and shot with her and she did her very best but it was not her day for it. So, in from the bench comes Beckham Bare. He really did a great job and Bobby was so proud as I know he is of all his kids. We did not try and imitate the original video, we just tried to make it simple, honest and direct. The song is about as emotional as it gets, classic Shel Silverstein. Enjoy!

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