Duane Eddy “The King of Twang”. Duane is a legend for his reverb drenched, whammy-bar wacked low end twang. Another amazing day shooting at his producer’s small project studio. This was a typical Gibson shoot with our 3 man crew (myself shooting an HVX-200, Nate Shuppert on 2nd HVX-200 and Grant Johnson handling audio). This is one of a series we shot that day featuring his Gibson signature Custom shop guitar. Basically it is a copy of his trademark Gretsch, but a little know fact is that Duane’s 1st electric guitar was a late 50’s Les Paul goldtop with a tremelo.

Duane’s sound has a lot to do with reverb and most of his classic stuff was recorded with producer Lee Hazelwood. Duane in person is extremely soft-spoken, humble and generous. he was thrilled with this video interview series and later agreed to my request that he narrate a special Gibson Custom Shop video .

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