This could apply to any business but in my case, it is based on how I operate my video production/edit business. There are several basic questions in business but in my mind the most important one is: “How do I develop great clients?” This is not the same as how […]


Story Behind The Shoot – Pinnacle Bank “Titans” TV commercials

Recently, I directed/DP’ed and edited a series of 3 commercials for Pinnacle Bank. They all have a “Titans Checking” theme and the spots run on several channels during TV broadcasts in this regional market. Here is the story of how it came together. I was brought into this in collaboration […]


Story Behind The Shoot – Kevin Montgomery “Some Comfort”

I’ve known Kevin for many years. We first met when he was on A&M Records and I happened to be in New York with Tish Hinojosa when I worked at Warner Bros. Kevin and Tish were doing a show together and when I met him I told him how much […]

First of all I have to admit Keith blames me for this idea, but it’s for his own good! It actually was my suggestion to Keith to re-arrange this famous piece of music for his amazing 27-string guitar, I imagined it would cover the full tonal range and show Keith’s […]


We’re fundraising for a film: Creative Spirit – Keith Medley and his 27-string guitar

“Creative Spirit” – a film about Keith Medley and his 27-string guitar Visit Kickstarter for much more, please copy link and share! Keith Medley is a creative spirit in numerous ways and a master of several artistic disciplines. But he remains a modest and humble, yet charismatic person who […]

Usually in this semi-regular series, I’ve gone back a few years to older projects I’ve produced. But this is a recent project that I shot in mid-September 2010, which has also turned out to quickly be one of the most popular videos I’ve done, thanks to Keith’s amazing talent really. […]

I’m fascinated by the carolan at bicentennial mall. Another cool thing is to stand exactly in the middle of the towers and the sound reflects back, kind of a reverse “cone of silence”.