TN Board of Regents TVC - Allied Health from Jon Grimson on Vimeo.

TN Board of Regents TVC - First Responders from Jon Grimson on Vimeo.

TN Board of Regents TVC - Manufacturing from Jon Grimson on Vimeo.

Series of commercials shot at various campuses around the state of Tennessee for the Board of Regents. These were depicting students moving from the classroom to career. Location setup and art direction was done very quickly. The goal was to achieve a seamless transition across both locations. An Edelkrone automated slider was utilized to achieve the precise and repeatable horizontal dolly move. Focal length was measured to insure best possible results to match since this all needed to be done optically. Throughout the series we typically shot with two subjects in two locations in one day.

I used a vintage 1978 Leica Summicron-R f2/50 fitted with a Canon mount. This lens is probably my favorite lens and I’ve used it on a variety of cameras. I shot these on a Canon 5Dmk3, still a great camera to shoot full-frame video with and light enough to mount on the Edelkrone slider.

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