Thompson Square

Thompson Square are husband/wife Keifer and Shawna, or should I say #1 Country artists Thompson Square, as of this week!!

A big congratulations to them, on their first hit song, “Are You Going To Kiss Me Or Not” and their label Stoney Creek and all the affiliate folks at Broken Bow Records as well.

Before they were “Big Stars”, just last summer I made a trip out to their house one afternoon to see what life is really like at La Casa T2. Mr. and Mrs. Thompson make every attempt to keep their personal and professional lives in balance, but there are moments, shall we say! I shot what ended up to be a 5-part web series of episodes that day and both Keifer and Shawna had a blast doing it. We basically “runned and gunned” around their house and could have kept on going but they had laundry to do so… It was also a lot of fun to edit these and basically give them a quasi-“Cribs” approach but also crafting a style that is unique to their personalities. The resulting “Married To The Music” video series proved to be instrumental in helping launch their career by telling entertaining stories and that really ended up connecting with their fans. The road may be rocky at times but the rockin’ is just beginning for Keifer and Shawna!

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