Marty Stuart - Ghost Train

This video profile was great fun! I’ve worked on Marty’s behalf several times in the past; working record promotion, producing a radio special on his “Dressed In Black” tribute to Johnny Cash, and having him as a guest on “This Week in AMERICANA”. Marty is a walking, talking encyclopedia of country music, a collector of instruments, stage clothes and memorabilia, as well as a talented photographer. He’s basically the Forrest Gump of country and bluegrass music having started out as a kid with Lester Flatt, and moving on to work with Johnny Cash and practically every other significant artist in the realm of country and bluegrass.

Marty, reveres the players, places, sounds and styles of what country music is really all about. This album, “Ghost Train: The Studio B Sessions”, originates from RCA Studio B. Ground zero for landmark recordings by everyone from Elvis to Orbison, The Everlys, Willie, Waylon and on and on. Marty came here, to “the scene of the crime”, to make this record in a completely authentic way. One of the several themes running through the album is steel guitar, and he hosts a who’s who of largely unknown, yet historically important players on this album. Shooting in this space was really a treat, especially having Marty walk around pointing out significant spots in the studio that he remembers back from his very first recording session with the great Lester Flatt at age 13.

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