This could apply to any business but in my case, it is based on how I operate my video production/edit business. There are several basic questions in business but in my mind the most important one is: “How do I develop great clients?” This is not the same as how […]

Prior to my current career in video, I produced a 2-hour weekly radio program, “This Week in AMERICANA”. It was the first show of it’s type, designed to play at commercial country radio, as a Trojan Horse to inject some of the quality of the Americana world into the mainstream. […]

I checked out the release day screening of this great White Stripes documentary covering their 2007 Canadian tour at Jack White’s Third Man Records complex in Nashville. Third Man is not only a record store selling vinyl and more, but also Jack’s recording studio/soundstage where it is created from scratch. […]

BEST – This is one of my favorite live concert films ever. 4 maybe 5 handheld cameras, one on sticks, captures the energy and impact of Led Zep at their finest. The camera ops all do great work, which comes down to framing, composition, anticipating what happens next, and most […]

I’ve been a member of the Nashville music business since the early 90’s. Let me qualify that. I’ve been working in the music business, but largely have been a resident Nashvillian outsider working in the “Americana” and AAA radio formats and non-mainstream country genres. But still, I always tried to […]

I’m fascinated by the carolan at bicentennial mall. Another cool thing is to stand exactly in the middle of the towers and the sound reflects back, kind of a reverse “cone of silence”.

Over the years of producing live-music performance video content I’ve come up with a list of things I like and don’t like and some where you wonder, “what the heck were they thinking?” I’m a huge fan of the classic music documentaries like, “Gimme Shelter”, “Woodstock” and “Monterey Pop”. The […]